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Our Human Resources Policy

The purpose of the human resources policy of our company where the human resource is of utmost value and which is encouraged by its employees’ creativity is to plan, select, recruit and develop the human resources that will ensure execution of our projects efficiently, to assign them in the right areas, to determine and cover their training needs and to comply with performance management, career planning and quality standards.

Our aim is to become the primary organization preferred by the qualified workforce for employment.

Our policy is to meet the human resources needs of the company in accordance with our strategic plans and objectives and to ensure the evaluation and retention of this workforce in the most efficient manner possible.

Therefore, it is inevitable for us to provide internship opportunities for college students for to support their development, to offer training opportunities to our employees, to create their career plans and to evaluate the current employees in the open positions and to maximize their productivity.

We are fully aware that it is a basic criterion for the preservation of the brain power we have to prioritize and increase our employees’ commitment to their company by adopting a transparent and equal management policy. We obtain our employees’ opinions and guidance for newly-developed structures or in cases requiring changes in the existing structure through surveys and similar approaches.

As Pavelsis Human Resources, we consider each employee as a potential talent and measure their performance based on objective methods for their development and restructure processes in line with needs by dynamically reviewing these processes for the perpetuity of the company success. According to our company policy, we do not discriminate between age, sex, nationality, race, religion, ethnics status, physical condition and political approach among our employees and provide equal opportunities to each one of them and strongly stand up for this cause.