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iBeacon Continuous Smart Thermometer

Pavelsis iBeacon Continuous Smart Thermometer is suitable for medical use that is produced specifically to measure body temperature. Smart Temperature Sensor is user friendly and safe to use since it does not contain toxic substances such as mercury. 

With smart iBeacon Thermometer product, you can follow your precise measurement results instantly by your phone with high accuracy. It has a long battery life and battery level can be monitored instantly through the Pavelsis iBeacon IOS and Android application.

The Smart Thermometer gives measurement results in a time based on its contact to body. If the temperature is above average body temperature (37,5 °C or 99,5 °F), it takes a new measurement every minute. Voice alert is supported through the application if the measurement takes more than 37,5°C / 99,5°F. If the temperature is below 37,5°C / 99,5°F a new measurement get result in every five minutes in order to provide long battery life. The phone / gateway / PC can read measurements up to 30 meters from the Thermometer via safe Bluetooth technology.

  • ±0.1 °C between –20°C and +50°C
  • ±0.15 °C between –40°C and +70°C
  • ±0.2 °C between –40°C and +100°C
  • ±0.25 °C between –55°C and +125°C
  • ±0.3 °C between –55°C and +150°C
  • Bluetooth : Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2
  • Bluetooth Protocol : iBeacon
  • Antenna : Internal PCB Antenna
  • Transmit Power : 7 dBm
  • Receiver Sensitivity : -93 dBm
  • Power : 7 dBm Maximum Transmit Power
  • Sizes : 60mm x 38mm x 5.3mm
  • Weight: 12 g
  • Color : White
  • Battery : 1 unit CR2016